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    Venice Premium Biscotti is a small family-owned business that has been lovingly creating handmade biscotti, and only handmade biscotti, for coffee houses, foodservice and the gift basket industry for over 15 years!  We still make and chocolate dip our three sizes of biscotti BY HAND to ensure homemade quality and appearance.  We select only the finest, richest ingredients and load our biscotti with savory nuts and butter.  The scrumptious result is a dense premium product bursting with rich taste and a smooth texture that quietly states quality and value!


    BISCOTTI is Italian for "cracker, biscuit or cookie".  It also means "twice baked".  These robust cookies have a history dating back to early European and Mediterranean civilizations. Generally, their origin is claimed by Italy.  Forms of biscotti traveled with Marco Polo and even crossed the Atlantic with Columbus!

    Biscotti is made from unleavened dough that is pressed into loaves and baked at high temperatures.  The loaves are cut into slices and baked again, hence, "twice baked".  This serves to reduce the moisture content, creating a hearty cookie that is sturdy enough to travel well with a long storage life.  Such a thirsty biscotti is just perfect for dipping in coffee, tea or anything else!

          Venice Premium Biscotti is proud to continue in the tradition of creating biscotti the old-fashioned way  --  by hand with nothing but the finest ingredients!


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